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Financial Planning

How We Work

When we sit down and work with our clients to develop a plan, our mission is to create a thorough and personally tailored roadmap to help them puruse their financial goals and dreams. In being data driven and results focused we run a multitude of scenarios and pressure test your plan from an accumulation, distribution, and tax efficiency standpoint. In taking the team-based approach we work with our network of professionals to incorporate any additional insights that may be needed to create a complete and comprehensive financial plan that you can feel confident in. We also know that life changes and goals can change. That is why our financial planning relationship is not static, but ongoing and we are here working alongside you as new life events occur, every step of the way.

Data Driven & Results Focused

Data Driven & Results Focused

Designing tailored financial solutions to meet your goals.

Your Financial Investment

The cost of putting together a plan is based solely on the complexity of your financial situation and how many hours it will take us to complete a thorough and well-developed plan. Our plan prices typically range from $500 for a very basic plans to $5,000 for plans that are more complex. The initial consultation is complimentary along with the presentation of your current financial picture. 

After step 3 of our process we will discuss with you if a full financial plan makes sense or if you are a better fit for our other services categories. At this point, we will have a better understanding of the complexity of your financial situation and will provide a quote of the cost. If you choose to have the assets held and managed by us, we will offer you a 50% savings on the plan. If you were to take the plan created and go elsewhere or do it by yourself the plan price will not be reduced. 

Pricing. Our hourly pricing of any services outside of the general scope of the plan will be billed at $150 an hour.

Cost Savings. Billing of the plan is billed 50% up front and the remainder at delivery of the completed plan. If funds are moving over to Arrow Wealth Management, to be managed by one of our financial advisors, the second half of the plan fee is waived.

Annual Cost Review. Financial planning annual review costs will be assessed based on amount of hours and complexity.


Our Process

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