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Heather Conti

Heather Conti

Operations Manager

Introducing Heather: Elevating Operations at Arrow Wealth Management

We're delighted to welcome Heather to our team, assuming the pivotal role of Operations Manager. Heather's skillset is marked by exceptional problem-solving prowess, a visionary approach to service-driven firms, and a knack for innovation that propels Arrow Wealth Management to the forefront of client servicing.

A Journey of Expertise:

Heather's professional journey boasts stints at prominent technology giants, where her prowess spanned accounting, controls, revenue management, and orchestrating global training operations. Her wealth of experience has been instrumental in driving Arrow Wealth Management's growth trajectory and enhancing the quality of service we deliver to our cherished clients.

A Glimpse into Heather's World:

Outside the office, Heather is a whirlwind of activity – whether it's keeping pace with her energetic Financial Advisor husband, six-year-old bundle of joy, or her spirited Irish Terrier. Her heart for volunteering extends to diverse causes, while her family is never far from her thoughts. Heather's dedication is further evident in her relentless pursuit of ways to enhance our business.

Heather's dynamic presence infuses Arrow Wealth Management with a fresh vitality, ensuring that our operations remain finely tuned to create a seamless and rewarding experience for you.